God grant me the knowledge to run the rapids that I can,
the energy to portage those that I must
and the wisdom to know the difference.


May 2011

There is a fun, albeit small, section of white-water tucked away in Ontario's Lanark County on the Mississippi River. Luckily for us, it's only an hours drive to the put-in. Just put Playfairville Rapids into Google Maps and head out. We exited the 417 into Highway 7 to Carleton Place. Stay on 7 for about 35k going right through Carleton Place. Take a sharp right onto County Road 15 (Ferguson Falls Rd.) Turn right onto County Rd. 15 to Lanark. In Lanark take Higway 12 (McDonalds Corners Rd) towards Playfairville. The best take-out is right before the bridge - your right - river left. Back-track a short bit to Iron Mine Rd. and head to the put-in at Sheridean Rapids bridge. DON'T park your vehicles on the gravel ramp! It's used by everyone to unload canoes and trailered motor boats. Enjoy and don't forget to scout most of the rapids - some only have one way through them.

Unfortunately, cameraman Doug has the only decent still camera so there are no photos of Doug but lots of great photos of the rest of us. Eric did the videos.

Ted P.

the chuteTed getting ready for that little chute. the chute It's the tongue then keep right. Ted and his Swift Raven. His nickname is "Lead Dog" because he doesn't have enough sense to keep back and watch how others do it. The Team mantra is "Let the Fool go first."


tedkCheck out the smile. tedkI bet he can get more air on the next rapid. Bob must enjoy all this white water stuff. Always a smile - probably because he never dumps and can really read the water (unlike some of us).

Ted K.

tedkFreeboard? Who needs freeboard!. tedk See. I told you freeboard wasn't necessary. Ted K. runs a 44 year old fiberglass canoe that has seen 3 paint jobs but very little damage. The Mississippi, the Lower Madawaska, the Dumoine - Ted does them in fiberglass!


paddlingConcentration all the way. eric Eric looking for more splash That's one classy looking dude in his Raven. It's all about colour co-ordination. That and concentration. Serious concentration. I think that his Raven has seen as many rapids as mine has - maybe more.


paddlingWhat's a little ice here and there. eric On the Rideau Cameraman Doug couldn't take any photos of himself. But, as he's an integral part of the team, I included these photos of Doug and his Dumoine (on the right) even though they were taken earlier in the year at first ice out.

Playfairville Rapids CIII

Lots of fun with rapids of various classifications, difficulties and lines but here's the one with a lot of power in it. This ledge has good rollers and one skinny short tongue with haystacks behind it. So it's all about the approach and powering into it. Unfortunately that little tongue is hidden below a smallish ledge a short distance upstream.
paddlingTrying to get some air time. tedPosing for the camera
Today I missed my line and instead of hitting the middle of the tongue I was to the right of it and went for a great ride. Thankfully I made it. Two weeks ago, I hit the line perfectly and probably got a little cocky.

paddlingBob getting airborne. bob How deep is he going? Bob decided that he'd run it as well. He missed the line and was a little to the right as well. He must have loved it as his grin was from ear to ear. His Bluehole tandem is a big canoe to hide but it almost disappeared into a trough and foam. And did he ever get some air!

Ted, checking out then heading into and over the CIII ledge

Video of Bob taking his 16 footer over the same CIII ledge.