Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French.
Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek.
Soy sauce makes it Chinese.
But garlic makes it good!

cooking supperEmily and Colleen cooking a gourmet stir-fry on an old camp stove. Note Emily's creative wok handle.
Recipes marked with a ** are in my Few Recipes section.
Fresh Orange slices for first 2 days
Pre-cooked bacon rather than slab
Dried eggs mixed with Salsa or Tex-Mex seasoning
**Scrambled Tofu
**Breakfast Tortillas
Hashbrown Potatoes (made from Latke - 2X the water, let sit for awhile)
**GG's (whey based) Power Breakfast
**Cinnamon Breakfast Coucous
**Bannock or Bannock-Pancakes with syrup
Potato pancakes with jam
French Toast from stale bagels
**Egg Crepes
**Johnny Cakes
1 day Yogurt - (powdered whole milk, starter, warm water in a thermos)
Good quality Granola with added fruits and nuts
Good quality Oatmeal with added fruits and nuts
My non-deep fried version of jonnycakes.
Pitabread - chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese
Pitabread - Hummus with/without tuna from foil pouch
Paté on crackers with cheese
**Tabouli salad in pita bread
Smoked salmon on dry-bread, cheese
Wraps with peanut butter and dried fruit
Wraps with Nuetella nut spread
**Ramen Noodle Salad
Burritos - rehydrated refried beans/salsa/sundried tomatos/cheese
Rehydrated shredded carrots mixed with humous on drybread (Wasa type)
Sprouts added to anything (Use a nalgene and change water twice a day)
**Jerky with anything
figs and/or dates make for an interesting, non-standard snack.
Home-made stew, bread, brownies - first day out or at the put-in
Tadka Dal, rice and rehydrated peas
Chili and rice
Pre-packaged Fettuccini pasta with Alfredo sauce and tuna in a foil pouch
**Black Beans and Couscous
Couscous with rehydrated veggies, port strips and peanut sauce
Spaghetti - re-hydrated sauce, parmagan cheese
Hamburger helper with rehydrated ground-beef or TVP
**Mexican Black Bean Pasta
Pasta, pesto sauce with tuna or f.d. chicken
Ramen noodles, soysauce, rehydrated pork strips/peas/carrots
**Vegetable Curry on Rice or Couscous
**Fruit Cobbler for desert
**Pumpkin Fruit Leather