toboggan adapted for travel
Toboggan adapted for Travel.

This is the bottom of my sled showing the 2x2 spacer and old skis.
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Taking an idea of Dave Hadfield, i put skis on my toboggans. It is heavier but the glide is much better than with just the wood bottom. On crusty snow or frozen lakes, the difference between a flat wood togoggan and one with skis is remarkable. Skis also keep the toboggan tracking properly, especially on uneven ground. Traversing any slope is almost impossible without a ski equipped toboggan. They are, however, more difficult in the turns. I also put a spacer between the toboggan and the skis so that it willl ride higher. I use a 2x2 that has large holes drilled out of it to save weight. The skis are attached with three galvanized stove bolts per side - screws don't seem to hold. Several other sled builders have used 2x4s with most of the excess wood routed out to save weight.

A close-up showing the way the straps fasten together with a clip and ring.
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The two V shaped tie-downs are half-inch strapping that, when clipped together, form an X over the top of gear. One side is a fixed length, the other is adjustable with a ladderloc. The two "V"s clip together with a snap and ring.
To attach each tiedown to the sled, the end is folded over once, then a hole melted through the fold with an old soldering gun. The melted strapping forms a thick ring around the hole that reduces wear and fraying. The strap is then screwed into the 2x2 spacer with a stainless steel screw and washer.
There is extra single strap with fanny-pack at the very front. It holds several pouches for water bottle, snacks, map, compass and camera.